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...With Direct Mail + PURLs

FICO-based Direct Mail is still one of the most effective lead generation tools available in the Mortgage industry. Integrating Mailers with Personal Websites (PURLs), Custom Video and QR Codes provides you with a dynamic method of reaching offline and online prospects. According to a recent DMA study more than 42% of interested Direct Mail recipients prefer to respond online. Most Direct Mail Campaigns neglect the larger percentage of recipients who prefer to respond other ways.

Not only will you get our industry leading call-in response rates — you'll also generate a new and more responsive internet lead, by presenting a customized offer on a secure website. Since this internet lead goes directly to you, there’s no completing with 5 other lenders.

Benefits of Mailers + PURLs:

  • Customized Approach – Each prospect will have their own offer and see their savings based on their financial information.
  • Brand Engagement – Visiting their PURL allows them to interact with your brand longer — therefore increasing the likeliness of them closing with you.
  • Prospects in Control – They can decide when they want to be contacted. This will increase your contact rate and decrease time on non-productive calls.

Our proven Direct Mail + PURLs Integrated Marketing Campaigns allow you to reach more prospects and increase your bottom line.

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Top Performing Programs to Diversify Your Pipeline

We customize your marketing programs around your target borrower. Select your own specifications or go with our recommendations!

The Easiest Way to Manage Your Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Our marketing management software allows you to track all of your marketing campaigns in one easy place.

  • Real time database lookup of mailed prospects showing details of criteria.
  • Create new customer lists and upload your existing contacts.
  • Google Street View for each customer.
  • Take detailed notes and set reminders for your important tasks.
  • Never miss a call with our missed call text notification.
  • Export to DU or Encompass - Import from Zillow... with the push of a button.
  • Interactive mail and call tracking.
  • Run custom reports to track LO performance.

MailerLeads is a full service marketing company with over 30 years combined marketing experience. We pride ourselves on the fact that we have an A+ Gold Star BBB rating with zero complaints. We've proven that Direct Mail benefits successful mortgage companies, and understand the challenges that you face in today's tough market. We track trends in the mortgage industry, and are constantly changing filters, offers, and creative design to keep up with market trends.

We are different than other companies that send out direct mail. Our cross platform team is comprised of seasoned marketing experts with extensive real estate and mortgage expertise, developed through formal education, hands on learning, experience and training. We do not have any affiliation with a mortgage company or lender. Our clients range from new start-up lenders to well established banks, across 48 states. MailerLeads' main objective is to generate new leads and ultimately new customers for our clients.

MailerLeads is not just a printer or list provider. We drive pre-qualified FICO borrowers to you directly through our integrated Direct Mail + PURLs marketing campaigns... no longer rely on internet leads, clients lists, and referrals alone. Not only can you customize your marketing campaign, you can choose the type of borrower that will call you directly.

Since our mailers are tested and tracked, we only mail what works — personalized, FICO compliant, professional letters. All mailed prospects are suppressed for 30-60 days... so you won't be competing with another MailerLeads' client.

Services Include:

  • Marketing Consulting / Campaign Analysis
  • Credit Bureau FICO Approval
  • List / Prospect Consulting & Management
  • Custom Letter Design / Copywriting
  • PURL Webpage Design / Propagation
  • Printing / Letter Shop
  • Delivery to Post Office / CASS Certification
  • Mail Delivery Tracking
  • Campaign Performance Tracking Software

We send millions of mailers out each year - we know what works best! Lenders, bankers, and brokers who use our mailers are not only surviving... they are thriving!


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